Richard Whittington and Deborah A. Anderson. (2019) “Professional Structures and Practice Change:

Institutionalization Processes in Accounting and Strategy” in The Oxford Handbook of Management Ideas, Andrew Sturdy, Stefan Heusinkveld, Trish Reay and David Strang (ed.). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.



Deborah A. Anderson 'Nascent Regulators' (Title Redacted.)

Selected for the 2018 Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, Chicago 

Winner of the Ronald B. Shuman Award for Best Student Paper, 2018 Academy of Management Conference, Chicago

- Presented at the 2018 Academy of Management, Professional Service Firms Conference, Edinburgh Paper Development Workshop, Alberta Institutions Conference PhD Workshop, Oxford, and Cambridge

Deborah A. Anderson 'Theories of Regulation' (Title Redacted)

Accepted for the 2019 Academy of Management Conference, Boston

Deborah A. Anderson 'Routines and Changing Technologies' (Title Redacted)

Accepted for the 2019 Academy of Management Conference, Boston

Accepted for the 2019 European Group for Organization Studies Conference, Edinburgh

- Accepted for the 2019 Professional Service Firms Conference, Boston

- Accepted for the 2019 OMT Writing & Paper Development Workshop in London 

Works in Progress


Deborah A. Anderson and Michael Smets`Ethnography: Emerging Techniques for Professional Service Firms

Scholars' (Invited Manuscript)

Michael Smets, Deborah A. Anderson, and Ali A. Gümüsay `Grand challenges under the microscope: New forms of

ethnography for a multi-modal understanding of today's big questions.' 

Edited Volumes in Progress


Michael Smets, Michael Lounsbury, and Deborah A. Anderson (Eds). Practice-driven Institutionalism. 2020 Double Volume in progress in 

Research in the Sociology of Organizations. New York: Elsevier. 

Predoctoral Publications & Policy Papers

Craig E. Smith, Deborah A. Anderson, and Anna Straussburger (2018) ‘Say You're Sorry: Children

Distinguish Between Willingly-Given and Coerced Expressions of Remorse.’ Merrill Palmer Quarterly, 64(2), pp 275-308

Tomo Suzuki and Deborah A. Anderson (2014) `Institutional Mechanism Design: Accounting for Sustainability for

Emerging Economies - Potentials of ``One Additional Line.''' Policy Discussion Paper. (UNEP, UNCTAD and Grp. Frids. Para 47) 58 pages.

Deborah A. Anderson and Tomo Suzuki (2014) `Financialisation of Global Markets: The role of private sector

accounting standard setting.' Law and Financial Markets Review, 8(1), pp 20-26.

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